Oh, motherfucking dipshit writers.

Now that they explained it, I’m not pleased at all.

It’s like we weren’t even watching the same show because I have no idea when this happened. There wasn’t even a talk, just a bunch of no-one-knows-what-the-hell-they-mean metaphors and racoons.

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y o u   w a n t   t o   y e l l   a t   m e ?  

f i n e .  b e c a u s e   i   k n o w   y o u ’ r e   n o t   m a d   a t   m e .

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#prague #praha

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LOVESAROUNDGA turned 3 today!

"Like I said, this place changes a man."

Agent Callen has sent us a photograph of Agent Blye that appears… as if she’s been killed.

I can’t even begin to tell how much I am disappointed with the HIMYM series finale.

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